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# Thema - 31.12.2019 um 10:46 Uhr
How to VPN?

With all of those caveats in place, I still decided setting up a VPN server was at least an interesting exercise to develop some of my server administration skills. I chose to use the OpenVPN Access Server, since it was described as a more ďstreamlined and user-friendly solutionĒ to manage a VPN, but I still ended up running into some challenges. Namely, I already have an HTTPS web server running on my Linode and at first it seemed like both it and the VPN server wanted to use the same ports. Eventually I got that ironed out, and everything else seemed to go smoothly. Buy VPN
OpenVPN is, as far as I can tell, is not supported by the macOS natively, which means you have to use either OpenVPNís own client or a third-party client like tunnelblick. Iíve found the latter preferable, since itís pretty easy to set up and supports automatic logon as well as monitoring your external IP address to let you know if your traffic is being routed correctly.

VPNs can take have a negative effect on the speed of your connection, but Iíve been pleasantly surprised at how little of a performance hit mine has seemed to take; I accidentally recorded a couple podcasts with it on before I realized, and I didnít notice any significant issues.VPN download
On the iOS side, although you need to install the OpenVPN Connect app to set it up, it seems to essentially just configure a VPN profile, which you can then activate either via the app or via iOSís own Settings.

VPNs for all?

So, have I been running my VPN non-stop since setting it up? Not really. Itís a great tool to have at my disposal, but there are still trade-offs, such as the fact that itís annoying to have to set it up on a bunch of different devices. It also, like most VPNs of my experience, runs into connection issues if you try to use it on flakier networks, so turning it on hasnít exactly graduated to muscle memory yet.

And, as I said up top, itís really not a catch-all solution. By far the best solution would be to have all the web and mail servers out there running SSL/TLS secured connections, but obviously thatís not going to happen overnight.

So, is a VPN for you? If youíre really worried about your ISP serving up ads (or looking at your web traffic), then this might help assuage that concern. But youíre going to be paying for it, whether youíre setting it up on your own server or subscribing to a service, and, as Iíve said, itís really just shifting the problem.

Where is a VPN useful? In general, if youíre using an unsecured public wireless network, itís a good way to make sure nobodyís intercepting your traffic. Itís not even a perfect solution there, but itís definitely easier to set up. But at that point, youíll probably be fine with a third-party service, rather than trying to set up your own, unless youíve got the technical sophistication to not only set it up but to fix it when it breaks.When comes to the issue of online privacy and security, we suggest to use a VPN, and our recommendation is RitaVPN.Qwer432 assword-on-android-phone/ -easy-to-hack/ ck-your-password/

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